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A message for Lent 2014 from the Chaplain

  • Posted on February 24, 2014 at 4:13 pm

21st February 2014

Dear members and Friends of Magdalen Chapel,

 No Pain, No Gain?

As I write, the pavements of Bath are resounding to the lively steps of the fit (or nearly fit), making final week preparations for the Bath Half Marathon. We all hope that next Sunday the weather will give a little encouragement and that all the training will bring its rewards. To be sure, there are few who can approach such a challenge without some long and short term preparation. No pain, no gain could also apply to Lent! Ash Wednesday – 5th March this year – is the first day of Lent, and opens the way for a period of training and preparation for proper , faithful, celebration of the life-saving events of Holy Week and Easter.

For the Christian in the Northern hemisphere, there is also the encouragement of the forthcoming Spring, with warmer days to encourage growth, a get-up-and-go zeal, and the promise of new life in the physical and spiritual spheres: you might like to think of this season as a wake-up call in both spheres. Mens sana in corpore sano?

Personal Training

For armchair or otherwise hampered enquirers and disciples, there is the Lent Thoughts booklet (£2 from the Chapel, or ask and we’ll deliver), and for get-out-and-about activists there will be Evening Prayer on Sundays at 6pm (starts 9th March) with a short introduction and “discussion, prayer and action” session on a Lent Theme – concluding at 7.15pm.

Coffee after Sunday 10am Eucharist also gives an opportunity for raising questions about how to live the Christian life. You will be welcome.

With prayers and blessings,





Weekday Early Evening Eucharist at 6.15 pm

28th February in honour of St David

18th March in honour of St Joseph

25th March for the Fest of the Annunciation of the Lord

Sunday 2nd March. The Sung Eucharist will be at 6pm instead of 10am, to allow members of the Congregation to enter the Bath Half Marathon? (and to avoid the road closures etc.)


There will be a Celebration of the Holy Communion at 10am on Ash Wednesday 5th March to mark the beginning of Lent.(Music – Merbecke)

Sunday evenings at 6pm in Lent

9th March – 6th April , Evening Prayer,  with a short introduction and “discussion, prayer and action” session on a Lent Theme – concluding at 7.15pm.

The Annual Meeting…..

Will take place on Sunday  6th April at 11 am following the 10a.m. Sung Eucharist, to be offered in thanksgiving and prayer for the past, present, and future of the Chapel and all associated with it. You will be welcome.

Chapel Flowers

If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of flowers at the Chapel perhaps on a particular Sunday in memory of a loved one, please place cash in a plain envelope marked Chapel Flowers, with your name, and the date you want it to pay towards; mention the name if it is in memory of someone, and leave the envelope in the collection plate, or under the door if you are passing when the Chapel is locked.  But please note that during Lent, we have flowers only on Mothering Sunday – so look forward to Easter!


From the Treasurer, Financial facts and figures

Gift Aid

Gift aid is a very important source of income for our little Chapel. As the regulations in relation to claiming gift aid become ever more complex the Chapel has invested in new soft ware which will take the place of the antiquated system I have used until the end of last year. With the help of our deputy treasurer Shirley Cookes, all is now in place and is fully operational.

Another major enhancement is our ability now to use the GADS system which came into being last year. This enables us to treat all cash received, (there are one two exceptions,) as qualifying for gift aid up to a maximum of £5,000 in each financial year.

How does this affect you?  Apart from a change in the numbering system you may carry on as you do now. The only change will be your registration number for those who have applied for and already use a numbered and signed envelope.  If you do not have a Gift Aid number and would like one then please let either Shirley or me know. We will be writing to those who already use the numbering system with their new numbers in due course. In the meantime, if you have any queries then please feel free to contact me:

Geoffrey Lee, Hon. Treasurer.

For the Record

Chapel Donations (mainly from Collections )made during 2013 –
Bath Opportunity Pre School,£1,200; Magdalen Educational Foundation,£350; Somerset Churches,£50;Lepra £300; Camp Hill Community  £450;British Legion £200; Sister Elizabeth Convent £100;House of Hope Bethlehem £260; Church in Need,Syria £500; GenesisTrust £250; Total: £3,660. Thank you for your generosity


Three “Full House” occasions to Record! The Chapel was full to bursting  for: The Service of Nine Lessons and Carols; The Monteverdi Vespers presented by the Chandos Singers, & The Sunday evening Service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
Each of these very different occasions was an opportunity to welcome many friends and neighbours. Look out for opportunities for you to discover the blessings of belonging to a community of faith and prayer.
In addition, Carol Singing at The Bear was an opportunity to savour. A warm welcome greeted the Chapel Carol Singers and a generous collection for Genesis has been sent on.


Chapel Fabric Survey  Following the inspection of the Chapel and Grounds in October, works have now begun to address the safety and maintenance issues raised. Spot the progress! More at the Annual Meeting, no doubt.


Forthcoming Events


The Chandos Singers of Bath at Magdalen Chapel
A chorus of about 20 singers
currently concentrating on works both sacred and secular,
which by the time of the performance
have not become over-performed by other choral groups.
Where possible, the composer’s first version is used.

Saturday 8th March 2014 at the Magdalen Chapel, Holloway, Bath at 7.30pm
Buxtehude : Membra Jesu Nostri

with Biblical readings between the seven cantatas.

This is not a concert, but a musical meditation, free, and with a retiring collection for charity

A worthy exercise of Lenten blessing! All Chapel friends welcome!


Saturday 22nd March 2014 at the Magdalen Chapel, Holloway, Bath at 7.30

Spring Concert: Choral works by Zelenka (1679-1745), including his Te Deum and Miserere.

Further Details:

Mandy Shaw 01225 436302 |
Chandos Singers

Magdalen Chapel

Contact Details for The Chaplain

The Revd David Prothero

Tel:01225 938595 Mob 07834 269097 or use the “Contacts” box in the Chapel for the Chaplain or Wardens.

Quiz Q Answer: G.K.Chesterton  ( ref:The Times, Saturday 21st February)